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Simplify your onlline life – and keep your photos, files, music and movies both safe and secure.


    Gain the peace of mind of unlimited space to backup your computer.


    Store everything safely and securely - and access from any device anywhere.


Enjoy big benefits

From guarding against disaster, to making it a snip to share your snaps.

The big reasons to choose us

More and more people are using The Big Cloud Co. Here's why . . .

  • We're big on simplicity

    We've worked hard to make our systems and services quick and easy to use.

  • We're big on security

    Keeping your files and information safe and secure is at the core of our business


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Simple choice, big value

Choose one of our three plans to get the cloud service you need for less.
You can even test drive your chosen package FREE for 14 days.


    Protect your precious photos, videos, music and documents with unlimited backup for your computer.
    £5/month or £50/year
    £3/month or £36/year
    or try it FREE
    or try it FREE

    Sync files across all your devices and share files with friends thanks to an amazing 1TB of shared storage.
    £10/month or £100/year
    or try it FREE

    Benefit from a massive 2TB of shared storage with unlimited backup for up to 5 computers.
    £15/month or £150/year
    £11/month or £132/year
    or try it FREE
    or try it FREE
* Launch offer ends 31 August 2016. Minimum subscription is 12 months. Standard prices will apply when you renew.
All prices are inclusive of UK VAT (20%)

Our big feature-packed plans

Whether you need cloud backup, cloud storage or both, we’ve a plan for you.
And once you’ve signed-up, you can add features or upgrade your plan at any time.

Plan features
Unlimited backup for your PC or Mac
Personal cloud storage space
Data securely stored in the UK
Friendly, responsive UK-based support
Mac, Windows, iOS and Android compatibility
Access files from any web browser
Access files on your mobile device
100% bandwidth 24-7 for super-fast transfers
Access up to 30 previous versions of any file
Restore deleted files with ease
Stream your music and movies to any device
Sync files between your computers
Share files with friends and family
Edit files in your web browser
Upload files by email
Send files to your favourite social networks
Local network transfers

1 computer
£5/month or

£10/month or

5 computers

£15/month or
Additional features
Backup an external hard drive or NAS device
Increase personal cloud storage by 0.5TB
Up to 10 external or NAS devices may be added. Price is per device. Cloud storage may be increased in 0.5TB increments to a maximum of 2TB.
+£6/month or
+£3/month or
+£6/month or